Logo_dobrovoce-100Company Good fruit from Slankamen produce fruit from 1994. Our production makes mostly apples and peaches. The assortment consist the following varieties: Golden rainders, Red Delicious Redcap, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious clone B, red lion prince and others. Our production is with the most modern irrigation systems, anti-hail protection. Good Fruit Company owns Global – GAP certificate for apple production.

Orchards area in hectares

The annual apple production in tons

Peach production in tons

“Good Fruit” at the fair Fruit Logistica in Berlin

“Good Fruit” had a remarkable appearance at the “Fruit Logistica” which maintain from 5th to 7th February, in Berlin. At joint stand of the Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Water and Forestry and VIP Fund, there have also performed domestic companies like “Ripe Fruit Farm” from Selenča, “Europe Fruit” and “Good Fruit” from New Slankamen, “Agrofructus – Vip” from Kaca, “Atos fructum “from Male Remete and” Sirmium Fruit “and” Green Group “from Šid.

There was achieved the most important goal and goal is to promote the export of domestic fresh fruit. The organization of the fair was great, stand attracted attention and received good reviews, all three days were filled with meetings with potential foreign partners. Most interest was for the apple, but also the foreign businessmen, mostly from Italy, Russia and the Netherlands, inquiries for other fresh and frozen fruit.